Three Key Aspects of Good Metrology Services

For professional or commercial applications that require accurate measurement of material properties and other qualities, rely on certified metrology services. From sample calibration to preventive maintenance, from wire and rod measuring to digital computerized measurements, from laboratory services to real-time remote readings, Metrology has metallography, thermography, optical microscopy, and instrumentation for precision measurement and reporting. With industry leading equipment and technology, we offer the most comprehensive solutions to metrology and related services. Read on to learn more about our services.

The global market for metrology services is expanding due to an increasing need for precision measurements in a variety of industries. FCX Metrology Services offer high quality calibration, complete measurement and reporting, and client-specific preventive maintenance. Ask about Vendor Management Program, developed to save you money and time on calibration activities. Eliminate the tedious task of interpreting notes by utilizing the latest tool for the job, let PCI do it for you with its sophisticated metrology services management program.

If you’re measuring gases or liquids, you need the ability to test for particulate size, gasses, or density. You need a high-quality and reliable management program that will deliver effective and accurate results. Calibration ensures accuracy by eliminating errors caused by variations between calibrated parameters and values used in other parts of the operation. This makes scientific metrology services an ideal choice for a wide range of industry applications.

There are several choices in testing and calibration, from national standards to commercial testing methods. It can be challenging and costly to perform experiments and measurements without the assurance they are reporting national standards. Calibration ensures that the instruments and equipment you are using are meeting the requirements of the national standards. For example, some industrial products may have different compliance specifications depending on their application. It is important to understand these national standards so you can comply with them when determining metrology services for your facility.

The third step to improving productivity is quality control. Whether it’s an individual product or an entire facility, quality control checks your processes and equipment for defects. It includes everything from verifying batch numbers to checking for consistency to ensure that performance meets objectives and goals. Metrology services help you improve your processes so you can deliver high-performance results that will improve productivity and meet regulatory standards. 3d measurement, non-destructive testing, and precision measurement are all included in quality control.

Customers call for metrology services for a variety of reasons, including determining proper alignment to their building structure, optimizing performance, detecting flaws, or building inspection. The type of work you do depends on the needs you have. If you are performing non-destructive testing, you need metrology services that are able to provide non-destructive testing. Whether you are performing a material identification test, material leveling test, or a structural inspection, your testing facility must have metrology certification so it meets all the necessary regulatory standards.

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